Shelina Knight is an artist residing in Calgary Alberta. Currently, she is exploring the theme of "play" to capture the whimsy in childhood and is developing her portraiture skills in oil and charcoal.


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“It is the perfect piece for contemplation, encompassing its own world. The vibrant colours and detailed textures on the fox’s clothing are stunning. The desert atmosphere and plant life transports me from a snowy winter to a windy, sun bleached bus stop in the American southwest. Even the fox’s suitcase carries incredible...Each of Ms. Knight’s paintings has a unique power to carry you away into a new fairytale, delighting and intriguing the viewer.”

— Gennevieve
“ All expectations were exceeded. I was at a loss for words. It was evident that she took the time to portray Chunky in a way that honoured the love I have for him.  She truly captured his personality in all the minute details. Her use of background colours made his expression pop. Her use of light and shadow gave the painting a truly lifelike quality. This is a painting I will happily display in my home for years to come.

— Maria


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